All Saints Church of England Primary School

A United, Caring Community of Learners


We encourage and promote daily attendance unless a child is ill or there is a good reason for absence.  The DCSF expect a minimum of 95% attendance.  School sends regular printouts informing parents of their children’s percentage attendance. Children are rewarded for good attendance.

We monitor attendance below 95%.


Please inform school of the reason for any absence (by telephone or by note).  You must also seek authorisation from school if you want to take your child out of school during term time.  If your child has a doctor’s or a hospital appointment we need to see evidence of that appointment.  Please bring the appointment card to the office

School will not be able to authorise the absence if we are not informed of the reason.  Unauthorised absences could be followed up by the Education Social Worker and parents may be requested to appear before an attendance panel to describe how they are going to improve their child’s attendance.  The Government requires schools to publish attendance


Please make dental and medical appointments outside schools hours.

If your child has an appointment to see the dentist, doctor or has a hospital appointment, we need to see the appointment card before the child goes or when you bring the child back. If your child has a doctor’s appointment, could you please ask the doctor’s receptionist to sign a note to say that your child has had an appointment.

Religious Observance

Governors will authorise one day’s absence for pupils for major religious festivals if the festival falls on a school day.  School will also take advice from the Interfaith Centre as regards authorised days for religious observance.


If your child is ill, please ring between 8:50 and 9:30am.  Listen to the message and press 1 to report an absence. Children who arrive after the start of sessions are marked late and are marked absent (unathorised) after the register is closed at 9:30am (Little Horton Green) and 9:20am at Kennion Street and after lunch 1:30pm at Little Horton Green and 1:20pm at Kennion Street.

Young children often feel worried if a parent or other adult is not on time to collect them.  Please telephone school if you are unable to collect your child at the end of the school day.

You may make a 10 minute appointment to see any member of the teaching staff at the end of the school day – Please arrange appointments with staff in the Community Room.

Extended Absence

We do not authorise parents taking children out of school in term time.

If you are taking your child on extended leave during school time you will need to complete an authorisation form before you go.  Please ask Mrs Heaton for the form, and make an appointment to meet the headteacher.  He will consider your application and may or may not give permission.  If authorisation is not given, parents will receive a £60 penalty fine per child per parent.

A place in school or nursery is kept open for four weeks including the absence.

Absence beyond 20 school days will almost certainly result in your child losing their school place.


The registers are marked at the beginning of each morning and afternoon session, and all children must arrive at school on time. We will take responsibility for the children in the school’s (Little Horton Green) main playground (Year 2 – Year 6) from 8:45am.

Parents need to leave by 8:50am as registration begins at that time and lessons start at 9:00am. Please do not come into school at that time as we have no space for a lot of adults. Children should be taken to the Community Room after 9:00am.

At Kennion Street, children can enter the playground at 8:30am. Parents must stay with the children until the doors open at 8:40am and children then enter the classroom.

At 8:50 the classroom door will be closed and anyone who is late must take their children to the reception. Children going home for lunch must be collected at 11:50am from reception and must return to school for 12:50pm.

Please do not send your child earlier than these times as we cannot take responsibility before then.

Headteacher: Mr John Davie | Telephone: 01274 415222 | Email:
Years 2 to 6: Powell Building, Little Horton Green, Bradford, BD5 0NG
Nursery, Reception & Year 1: Kennion Building, Kennion Street, Bradford, BD5 0NF