All Saints Church of England Primary School

A United, Caring Community of Learners

Curriculum Statement

At All Saints we strive to provide a tailor made thematic creative curriculum that engages and inspires our children whilst ensuring National Curriculum coverage. We firmly believe that our curriculum should reflect our diverse and ever changing cohort and provide opportunities to learn about their own heritage alongside developing their understanding of other cultures and religions. Underpinning the entire curriculum are the basic skills of Literacy, Mathematics and Computing. The children at our school are given every opportunity to use and apply their skills in these areas when studying a theme.

Planned into each topic covered by our children throughout the year are trips or in school workshops devised to extend and inspire the children’s learning and widen their experiences. This in turn impacts on their ability to write.

To ensure positive behaviour and effective learning throughout the school, we incorporate our Christian and Fundamental British values into our curriculum. We believe that the social and emotional aspects of learning should be a key focus for our work with the children and understand that the factors that can hold back the learning of our children include children’s difficulties in understanding and managing their feelings, working co-operatively in groups, motivating themselves and demonstrating resilience in the face of setbacks. Through the combined use of the ‘values approach’ and our creative curriculum, we are able to create children who are effective learners. When our children leave school at the end of Year Six we strive for them to be well rounded individuals who have the necessary literacy and numeracy skills to succeed in life whilst having experienced an inspiring curriculum which gives them every chance to succeed.

Headteacher: Mr John Davie | Telephone: 01274 415222 | Email:
Years 2 to 6: Powell Building, Little Horton Green, Bradford, BD5 0NG
Nursery, Reception & Year 1: Kennion Building, Kennion Street, Bradford, BD5 0NF