All Saints met the Duchess of Cambridge

Children from All Saints met the Duchess of Cambridge in Bradford today, when William and Kate visited the city. Many of the children spoke to Kate who asked them about school and told them that her son’s favourite subject is art!


5 responses to “All Saints met the Duchess of Cambridge”

  1. Mrs Ansar says:

    So proud to be part of this fantastic community

  2. maria khan says:

    Maria khan 2016 leaver
    cant believe that all saints got to meet them including my sister

  3. kathryn Shaw says:

    What a fabulous experience for our pupils and staff!

  4. Saima Begum says:

    Such an honour to meet the Duchess, a fantastic opportunity for the staff and children of All Saints. Getting the ‘Royal Handshake’- a once in a lifetime opportunity!

  5. Mrs Dickinson says:

    Such an amazing experience and it was lovely to witness the duchess spending time talking to the children about life at school. Xxx

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