Nursery Rhymes

All this week, we have been learning five nursery rhymes:
“Baa baa black sheep” “Down in the jungle..” “Incy wincy spider” “Row row row your boat” and “two little dicky birds”
Today we invited our parents to come and join us in singing our nursery rhymes.  We had 11 families join us (46%)
Singing nursery rhymes can help children to develop emergent literacy skills.  Many are repetitive which can support the development of memory and kick start the practice of listening and speaking.
Rhyming is another form of auditory discrimination but it is also the building blocks skill for phonological awareness. Both skills help to promote literacy and are the precursors to reading success.
If a child knows eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they are four years old, they are usually among the best readers and spellers in their class by the time they are eight.

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