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Forest School

Forest School at All Saints is run as a nurture programme.  Groups of children spend a six week block at Forest School on Tuesday afternoons.  Redwood also have access to Forest School and uses it to support the children’s sensory needs.

At All Saints we are lucky enough to have our own small wooded area that we can use for Forest School.  It is small enough for even the youngest children to safely explore independently but large enough to offer everything we need to run a Forest School session.  There are a range of trees and shrubs, grassed and wild areas and also raised beds for planting.


At its most basic level, Forest School is about having fun and playing in the woods.  The leader observes and plays alongside the children whilst ensuring their safety.  Forest School is child-led and sessions are adapted to the needs and interests of the children participating.  A combination of circle time, independent and group activities and games provide ample opportunities for children’s holistic development.


Clear boundaries enable a high degree of freedom and autonomy within the designated area.  The child-led approach enables children to engage at the best level for their own development. The intentions are introduced that everyone will care for themselves, each other and the woodland around them and this sets the tone for interactions within the woodland context.  Confidence and creativity are nurtured so that over time the children’s competence and their ability to shape their own time in the woodland increases.


Challenge is an integral part of Forest School and children will be supported to take appropriate risks in order to increase self-esteem and competence.